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Sword Fencing for beginner to advance


 The Phoenix Fencing Club was formed in 1978 at Hereford School, Grimsby, then moved to Cleethorpes leisure centre in 1996. The Fencing Club has a membership of approximately 30 juniors and 20 adults and five Fencing Instructors. We run two sessions on Monday's:  A junior session (8 years upwards) 7.00pm till 8.00pm for beginners through to advance and an adults session 8.00pm till 10.00pm again beginners through to advance and advance juniors.

The Club also has a training room which is connected to the sports hall that we use for fencing theory etc. The Aim of the club is to teach all three weapons Foil, Épée & Sabre through the British Academy of Fencing Bronze, Silver & Gold awards. (children will fence with a size "2" blade at Épée or Sabre) We have very strict safety rules and expect all children to abide by it. We run regular beginners and proficiency award courses for adults and juniors though the year, and we have five electric boxes, so fencers can put into practise what they have been taught by the Instuctors in a real fight scenario.