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 The Arte of Defence

The School teaches the modern fencing (Foil, Épée and Sabre), and have just introduced the Rapier, however, Rapier fencing is nothing like fencing with the other three weapons, the style of fencing is completely different and very much like real sword fighting or duelling of the 17th. - 18th. century, and a fantastic weapon to fence with, after all the swords were designed to kill people, plain and simple. The Rapier we teach is NOT Re-enactment or Stage fighting but we teach realistic Classical Swordsmanship. The blades come from Italy and are rubber end tipped and are very flexible and bends on contact, but yet still retains the feel of a real rapier. The Aim of the club is to teach all three weapons Foil, Épée & Sabre through the British Academy of Fencing Bronze, Silver & Gold awards, and the Classical Rapier with Main Gauche. 


When you start on a beginners course we teach you the Foil first (Training sword), then move on to the Sabre, once you have experience with these swords, you then progress to the Rapier, but full contact rapier fighting is restricted until you have gained a full understanding of sword fighting with all the modern swords.